Health, safety, finances, agricultural impact – tyres are your team mates in your day-to-day job, so take the time to read the following advice to help manage and optimise this important purchase that's never quite as simple as you'd think.

Agricultural tyres: a buyer's guide

Preparation is key when buying agricultural tyres

Here are 5 key points you need to know before you buy your tyres:

1. Learn (or relearn) technical tyre terms and know about new technologies

The marking on your agricultural tyres gives you precise indications that you need to understand to make sure that your new tyres will fit your machine or trailer.
We've written an article specifically to explain the marking in detail, and you'll also find a table of correspondence of old markings with recent ones.

2. Understand what role tyres play in all aspects of your farm

Employee health and safety, various forms of cost saving, and an education in how to invest effectively.
At the bottom of this article you will find a link to our white paper on boosting your farm's profits.

3. Inventory your current equipment and identify your requirements

Ascertain what you need in terms of traction, slip, mud removal, handling, vibration, fuel consumption, number of hours, etc. And don't forget servicing!

4. Discuss quality at the right price

As an entrepreneur, you know full well that a shrewd investment in technology can often prove more cost-effective than a low price.
Quality comes at a price, even with tyres, and your business will save more money in the long term compared to the instant savings from buying low-cost.

5. Tyre manufacturers regularly offer promotions

Plan your purchases in advance to take advantage of all the best offers when they come up!


Tyres have a direct impact on your farm's profits – download our free eBook below to learn more:

This information is intended only to make you aware of the technical and functional aspects of agricultural tires and their use. It does not allow you to make a judgment or a definitive conclusion on a given problem. Only your agricultural tire expert is able to make a technical assessment and take a final decision, case by case.