Your tyres are the only things connecting your machine to the ground, and can help you work quicker during harvests.
Tractive force is a direct result of the quality and technology of your harvester tyres. They can be more robust, with a stronger sidewall that can bear heavier loads.
When each minute counts, the efficiency of your harvester is your best guarantee of a successful harvest.

the best harvest tyresIt's not like you're going to ask yourself a few days before the harvest what's the best way to save time if the weather conditions are less than ideal.

How can you do two weeks' work in one?

Preparation is paramount if you want to work as efficiently as possible. Being able to reduce the total harvesting time by one or two days could be enough for you to avoid the rain and secure a few extra hundredweights for better yields.

You can't leave the result of 10 months' work to rot just because you want to save a bit of money using the wrong type of tyres for intense harvesting work. Using budget or low-cost tyres for your combine harvester, or budget tractor tyres to haul your trailers, could impact your working speed or even lead to problems linked to overloading, which would significantly slow down your harvest. . Damage or breakdowns could take hours to fix, and in that time you could find yourself caught by the rain in the last days of the harvest.


With better traction, harvester tyres can save you time

Matching harvesting tyres = time savingTo obtain maximum tractive force, you should choose harvester tyres with CFO, IF or VF technology. This will greatly improve your harvester's efficiency.

You'll be able to reduce the tyre pressure even more, giving you a greater surface contact area with the ground so the tyres will sink in less, thereby reducing rolling resistance and soil compaction.

Your tyre lugs will have a greater contact surface area, meaning they're better able to transfer your harvester's tractive force, improving your adhesion coefficient and propulsion.

Contact with the ground will be greater but shallower, reducing slip and improving tractive power.


Harvester tyres must be capable of bearing heavier loads

crop tyre = more load capacityHarvester tyres, with their stronger casing and high-quality materials, are able to support a payload of up to 55% more than standard tyres if you buy the best harvester tyres on the market.

This increased load capacity gives you more time out in the field with the trailer, meaning you can work continuously without having to stop production.


To find out more about the latest harvester tyre technology and how to choose the right tyre to reduce your harvest times, download the free brochure for the new VT-Combine.

This information is intended only to make you aware of the technical and functional aspects of agricultural tires and their use. It does not allow you to make a judgment or a definitive conclusion on a given problem. Only your agricultural tire expert is able to make a technical assessment and take a final decision, case by case.